When we perform our Spring Cleanups passer-bys will frequently stop and ask “What happened to the lawn”.  As you can see from the picture to the right, we run a machine over the lawns we clean up which mechanically rake it out.  The results are often piles of dead, brown grass.  We find this to be a more efficient way of getting dead and organic debris left over from the fall and winter months out of the lawn, giving the grass plants additional space to grow.

Our power rakes are driven by a gas powered engine which drives a spindle of steel blades.  We adjust the height of the blades to just reach and scratch out the thatch layer of a lawn.  Once the adjustment is right, we run the machine over the lawn, producing a bunch of debris.  We then rake and/or blow the debris into piles and haul it away.

After a spring clean up is done, we will then apply our first round of weed control a.k.a. Pre-emergent weed control.  This application, for those that agree to it, helps hinder the germination of broadleaf weeds and crab grass by forming an invisible barrier over the soil that stops weeds from growing through it.

So if you see us passing this machine over your lawn please don’t worry…we are not pulling out your grass.  We are just getting your grass ready for a new growing season.

Happy Spring!