Your Lawn, Trees and Shrubs will all benefit!

Fertilizer for lawns, trees and shrubs does its best work in the fall.

It’s a common misconception that plants stop growing in the fall, when really all that changes is the way the plants grow. As cooler weather sets in, top growth slows down, with plants shifting their energy from foliage production to root expansion. In preparation for winter, your lawn, trees and shrubs strive to fill their expanded root system with as many nutrients as possible. A heavy dose of fertilizer will give them the nutrients they need.

Lawns prefer a Fall feast over a Spring smorgasbord

Your lawn needs regular fertilization throughout the growth season, with the heaviest feeding taking place in the fall rather than the spring. Too much spring fertilizer can cause an unhealthy flush of growth that leaves turf more susceptible to insect and disease problems. It’s likely to make extra mowing necessary as well.

A heavy fall fertilization, on the other hand, promotes a thicker, stronger root system rather than excessive top growth. This will lead to a greener, more vigorous lawn when spring returns.

Your trees and shrubs are out of their element

In their natural woodland habitats, trees and shrubs receive a constant supply of nutrients from soil that is rich in humus (organic matter). This organic matter constantly replenished by decomposing leaves and other plant parts. In our home landscapes, however, we remove leaves and other organic debris on a regular basis. This takes away our plants’ natural nutrients supply. And since ornamental trees and shrubs are often subjected to unfavorable soil and environmental conditions, the need for fertilizer in home landscapes becomes even greater.

With a heavy application of fertilizer in the fall, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are delivered to tree and shrub roots for improved color, growth, vigor and overall health. Even more importantly, fall fertilization improves your landscape plants’ ability to stand up to pests, disease and the effects of drought, dry winter winds and other severe weather.

Remember, your lawn, trees and shrubs can’t get carryout. For optimum winter health and better-looking plants in the spring, fall fertilization really delivers.