Now that fall is approaching its time to start planting hardy mums. The great thing about hardy mums is that they are perennial, and if winterized correctly they will re-grow for you the following year.  Mums are typically planted in the fall (around late August, early-mid September).  You can also plant them in the spring, but it may be difficult to find them at a nursery during the spring time.  If you do plant them in the spring, after the blooms die back, you may cut them back and force them to re-bloom towards the end of the summer.

The most popular time for planting mums is in the fall. When planting your mums make sure to put them in full sunlight. If they are planted in the shade they may not bud and rather will become tall and thin.

Once fall comes to an end it is time to prepare them for the winter.  To winterize your mums you have a few options. You can cover your mums with mulch for the winter to protect them from the frost, cold temperatures and snow. Or you can dig them up with the soil and roots and move them indoors to a more favorable climate. If you choose to “winterize them”, it is important that you don’t wait to long.  Be sure to prepare them before the arrival of your “first frost”.

As for water requirements, remember to soak your mums at least twice a week because they do need plenty of water to be healthy. If you follow these simple tips you should have healthy mums that will last you many seasons to come. Good luck!