Well yesterday was the first day of summer and it sure feels like it! Without a doubt temperatures have been very high so it’s important to take extra good care of your lawn.  With a little extra love it ill be sure to thrive and be healthy and green!

Don’t over Fertilize: Like all things, Fertilizer is great in moderation! Fertilizer can easily destroy your lawn if too much is applied. This is because the nitrogen in fertilizer can become too powerful and burn your lawn especially with these increasing temperatures! A slow release fertilizer is your best bet. Slow release fertilizers will allow for an even distribution of nitrogen and leave your lawn healthy and lush.

Do Syringe your Lawn: 

What is syringing? It is a light watering that will wet the surface of your grass but it will not seep through to the soil.

Why should you syringe? Syringing is done during the hot portions of the day to reduce heat stress. It can also help to reduce lawn disease and increase the germination of new grass.

When should I syringe my lawn? Under 3 circumstances it is a good idea to syringe your lawn. One being, heat stress, with hot climates it is likely that your lawn will dry out during the peaks of the day. During this time syringing is a good idea. Secondly, if your lawn has patch diseases, and the temperatures are high syringing could help to reduce the damage done to your lawn by these diseases. And lastly, if you have newly seeded grass. Germinating seedlings have very weak root systems and can easily die from water stress. By lightly watering your lawn the roots of the seedling can develop stronger root systems.

Don’t trample your Lawn: With summer time finally here barb-b-que’s and parties are sure to happen, but keep your lawn in mind! Heavy traffic can damage your lawn. This can be avoided by incorporating a beautiful walkway into your landscape. Heavy traffic is especially harmful to newly planted grass so be sure to keep that in mind. If you do have newly planted grass, you may want to think about saving the barb-b-que for next month!