There are certain parts of your landscape that you love to see come back every year. On the other hand, remember that variety is the spice of life. Annual floral displays allow you to introduce varied color schemes from year to year. Planning your floral display with annuals is a good landscape investment because they’re versatile, colorful, fast-growing and relatively inexpensive.

These dependable single-season flowers hit the ground running and provide a spectacular and easy show all season long. The choices in size, color and growth habit are vast. Some work well as edging plants. Others are best used in planters or window boxes.

Because annuals live only one season and have no permanent roots from which to grow the next year, they perpetuate their kind through heavy seed production. To produce lots of seeds, they must produce many flowers.

With the right planning, good soil, plenty of water and room to flourish, an annual flower display allows you to give your property a fresh explosion of color that changes every year.