Your trees and other ornamental plants don’t need to be fed as often as your lawn, but don’t forget them completely.

Over the last several years, we’ve had both too much water and too little at different times. We’ve also seen some severe temperatures. On small plants, these stressful changes show up right away.

On large (and much more valuable) landscape plants, we don’t see a quick, immediate response to stress. The effect is slower and can stretch out over several years. If a tree or shrub goes through enough of this “rough weather” without help, you may start seeing a general decline of the plant’s vigor and growth.

Plants under stress (or in decline) also fall prey to disease much more easily. Healthy trees and shrubs are far better able to get through all sorts of difficulties.

Regular root injections of balanced fertilizers and micro-nutrients help plants recover more quickly and completely from any kind of stress or disease damage.

Your landscape plants represent a large investment that will keep adding value to your property if you keep them in good shape. Annual or semi-annual feeding goes hand in hand with regular disease and insect management.

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