A sample Container Garden

We’re all looking for ways to save a little on out grocery bills, and growing your own herbd is a fun and easy way to do just that. Whether you plan on cultivating them inside or out, these guidelines can help to ensure herb gardening success:

– Herb seeds should be planted in well-drained, fertile soil with neutral pH (6.5 to 7.0)
– Don’t plant too deep, and keep the soil surface moist.
– Thin out seedlings as they appear.
– Herbs are best harvested in the morning when their oil concentrations are high.
– Wash herbs in cool water after harvesting, and they’ll be ready for use. Or, if you prefer using dried herbs, spread them out on a dry rack and let dry for three days.

Of course, different herbs have different requirements for healthy growth. Here are some care tips for just a few of the many varieties:

– Rosemary: Loves sun and soil that is rich in lime.
– Basil: Likes a lot of water, warm soil and fertilizer.
– Thyme: One of the easiest to grow since it can tolerate fairly dry soil.
– Chives: Rich, moist soil and lots of sun are preferred. Trim regularly for best results.
– French Tarragon: Does the best in sandy loam and shady conditions.
– Summer Savory: Likes rich, loamy soil and plenty of sunlight.

“My wife and I love our Patio Garden”, says Joe Yedowitz, President of Emil Yedowitz Landscaping and Irrigation Solutions.  “We choose NOT to plant our herb garden in the yard area.  Instead, we terrace planters on our deck, fill them with some rich compost and then plant away.  Of course being a landscape contractor I do have drip irrigation automatically watering the containers for us.  But still….it’s just tons of fun harvesting from our deck”

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