To keep your trees and shrubs looking and growing their best this summer, proper care and maintenance are essential. Each of them can benefit from the following:


In the absence of rainfall, you should provide your trees and shrubs with a long, deep soaking once per week (or whenever allowed if watering restrictions happen to be in place).


Broken, dead, diseased or insect-infested branches should be removed as they appear. If you have younger trees and shrubs on your property, shaping will improve their looks. Plus, this will keep them healthier as they age and prevent potential problems down the road.


It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of insect or disease activity in your trees and shrubs. The sooner symptoms are discovered, the sooner treatment can begin. Also, wilting, browning leaves and premature defoliation are two signs that your trees and shrubs can use some help.

With the right care, the trees and shrubs in your landscape will improve with age and can last for generations!