Dandelion weed

 So you may be seeing these pesky little weeds popping up in and around your lawn.  This is the common dandelion.  While some people like to add them to their salads, most want us to take them out of their lawn.  And some others that you may be seeing are clover, plantain, curly dock, spurge and many, many more.  The list is endless.  And yes, there is hope.  With a good quality lawn care program and the smart use of some select herbicides, you too can eliminate most of these broadleaf weeds from your lawn.

Start with a Pre-emergent herbicide.  Usually applied in a granular format, an application of pre-emergence herbicides will help form a barrier on the soil that prohibits weeds from germinating.  Remember my previous blog on GDD’s (Growing Degree Days)?  It is important to apply your pre-emergent herbicide application  before the weeds start to germinate, otherwise it won’t be as effective.  What are the drawbacks, you ask? Well, you cannot necessarily seed while the herbicide is active.

Weeds vs. Grass

Once the weeds start to germinate, then you can use Post-Emergent herbicides.  Yes, these applications will remove weeds once they are actively growing.  But you must be careful.  Some Post-Emergent herbicides will eliminate whatever they hit….and some will eliminate just weeds (not grass).  So it is important to READ THE LABEL before using any product on your lawn.

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