Ever try planning a wedding or an extended vacation on a few days notice? Didn’t think so. The saying goes that if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. In reality, procrastination rarely yields the best results.

When it comes to your lawn and landscape, planning is especially beneficial. With winter close at hand, it’s easy to forget about your lawn until spring beckons. If you start your landscape planning now, spring will be enjoyable, as opposed to frantic. When you envision your plan and flesh out a concrete course of action in advance, all that is left for the spring is the actual installation.

This will allow your landscape plan to be well thought out instead of thrown together. You can procure the materials you really want and avoid the scarcity of plants and building supplies that is common in the spring.

If you’re planning to have new hardscaping installed, this can often be completed during the winter. Many contractors welcome the work in the off-season, when their schedules are relatively open.

Your yard may be drab and dormant now, but proactive planning goes a long way. Plus, brainstorming new additions is a great way to inject some virtual sunshine into an otherwise dreary winter.

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