One of the biggest trends in landscape improvements is the outdoor fireplace, which makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor living space all year-round. If you’ve been thinking about adding a fireplace to your landscape, you have some decisions to make. For example:

  • Do you want gas-burning or wood-burning? Wood-burning fireplaces provide a more authentic look and feel with crackling sounds and the smell of smoke. Gas-burning fireplaces don’t create any smoke and are easily turned on and off.
  • Do you want to include a grill for barbecuing? What about storage space for wood or shelves to hold other items?
  • What construction materials do you want to use? Brick, stone, concrete… a combination of all three? How about adding small rocks or tiles for unique finishing touch?
  • Where will your fireplace be located? You’ll want to keep it as far away as possible from your home, plants and any other structures that could burn. Also, be sure that there is at least 3’ of clearance between seating areas and the fireplaces (for both safety and comfort).

Carefully planned and professionally installed, an outdoor fireplace is sure to become a popular “hot spot” on your property. Enjoy!