When thinking of New Years resolutions the first thing that comes to mind is probably not your yard, however, lawn care can be a simple way to improve the looks of your home. By being diligent with your yard work, your lawn can instantly become healthier.

In order to have a healthy and vibrant lawn remember that water is crucial. When grass lacks water it has very little chance of survival. And if it does survive, it will no longer be green and full, instead it will dry out and be more prone to infestation. Sprinkler systems are an excellent tool to consider when it comes to this resolution. It’s as simple as a flick of a switch to water your lawn. Here at Emil Yedowitz Landscaping and Irrigation Solutions we could help you to design and install the right sprinkler system for you. This system can assure that you can add a check mark next to watering on your list of resolutions!

In addition to plenty of water, aeration is an important step towards a healthy lawn. Compacted soil and excessive thatch can starve turf roots of the air, water and nutrients they need in order to grow deep and strong. Aeration can help. With this process, a machine known as a core aerator punches through turf and pulls out plugs of soil and thatch, which are left behind to dissolve during rainfall or sprinkling. As the plugs dissolve, decomposition of thatch layers is promoted. Plus, the holes created during aeration make it easier for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. This process will provide a healthier lawn as well.

Both of these lawn care processes are vital for a healthy lawn. As well, now that spring is soon to be approaching, once the weather warms up and the ground begins to harden both of these things should be done to your lawn to resurrect it from the winter and prepare it for the summer! By vowing to make these changes this year your lawn will be sure to thank you!