Frequent watering. Until their root systems are developed, new trees and shrubs can dry our very quickly. They should be watered daily during the first week after planting, with a deep watering once or twice a week after that. Supplemental watering will be especially important during long stretches with no rainfall.

Mulching. This will help to hold moisture in the soil and protect tender roots from upcoming summer heat.

Fertilization. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer right after planting will provide the necessary nutrients for initial establishment and future growth. Nitrogen will be used for top growth, phosphorus will stimulate root development, and potassium will help plants to retain water and resist disease.

Careful pruning. If any broken, weak or dead branches are present in new trees, they should be pruned away to promote good structure, as the tree grows larger. It may also be beneficial to remove certain branches that are interfering with more desirably placed ones.

When it comes to new trees and shrubs, planting is only the first step. Providing proper care after installation will give them a great head start on a long and healthy life!

Installing new trees and shrubs is a great way to improve both the looks and value of your property. With the right care after planting, you can expect your new additions to provide many years of beautiful growth.

The first two to four weeks after planting are critical since the plantings will be adapting themselves to their new home while trying to establish a strong root system. The practices described here will help them get settled in.