With professional landscape lighting, you can enjoy your lawn and landscape long after the sun goes down. With some thoughtful placement, your lighting can create stunning effects that make your landscaping stand out at night.

Many lighting schemes exist and can create varied effects. Lighting plants and shrubs from behind can create a silhouette effect, whereas lighting your landscaping from the front will illuminate the plants themselves and can also cast shadows onto your house.

Lighting trees and shrubs from above looks dramatically different than lighting from below. Experimenting to find the setup that suits you can be very enjoyable. It gives you, as a homeowner, a chance to be creative as you put together a lighting layout that transforms your nighttime landscape.

There are also practical considerations to think about when you invest in landscape lighting. A well-lit property deters would-be intruders. Without the cover of darkness, your home is an unattractive target for break-ins. Lit walkways and steps also make the outside of your home safer for guests to negotiate. Professionally installed landscape lighting allows your lawn to look attractive long after the sun goes down, while increasing safety at the same time.

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