Grubs aren’t the only pests posing a threat to your turf this summer. As the weather heats up, any of the following bugs can cause problems:

 WEBWORMS– Chew off grass blades and pull them into tunnels they make in the thatch layer.

CHINCH BUGS– Sucks juices from the leaves and stems of grass plants. Also, block food- and water-conducting vessels by injecting a toxin as they feed.

GREENBUG APHIDS– Like chinch bugs, suck juices from grass plants while injecting a toxin.

BILLBUGS– Feed on grass stems.

CUTWORMS– Feed on grass leaves and crowns.

Lawns under attack from these pests may show a variety of symptoms, including: thinning turf, irregular patches of yellowing, orange-brown or brown grass and torn-up pieces of sod where animals have been looking for bugs to eat. What’s even worse is that lawns damaged or weakened by insects are less tolerant of other stresses such as heat, dryness and disease.

Healthy lawns tend to be less affected by insect activity, so it’s important to follow good mowing, watering and fertilization practices. If any of the above symptoms do appear, treatment with insect controls may be necessary.