If you’re interested in attracting hummingbirds to your property without using a feeder, keep in mind that they visit plants with lots of blooms and nectar. Red flowers are helpful, but they aren’t a necessity. You might want to try planting some of the

se around your landscape:


  • Butterflybush
  • Trumpet vine
  • Summersweet


    •  Bleeding heart
    •  Butterflyweed
    •  Beardtongue
    •  Daylily
    •  Bee balm
    •  Cardinal flower
    •  Coral bells
    •  Delphinium
    •  Foxglove (bi-annual)
    •  Hollyhock (bi-annual)


  •  Impatiens
  •  Nasturtium
  •  Salvia
  •  Spider flower
  •  Snapdragon
  •  Morning glory
  •  Petunia
  •  Flowering tobacco

Hummingbirds are a delight to watch, and common North American species can beat their wings up to 53 times per second!