How it all starts:

Before you can enjoy the beauty of the adult butterfly, an enjoyable environment has to be created for the butterfly while it is still in tiny eggs. In order to do this, you’ll need food sources that caterpillars will eat since you need the caterpillar to survive to get butterflies! Some food sources that they can feed off of are:

–         Milkweed

–         Fennel

–         Parsley

–         Hollyhocks

–         Carrots

–         Wild Lilac

Once the caterpillars hatch from their chrysalis, they are adult butterflies! Now that they are hatched into these beautiful creatures, you will want to keep them around you garden. Adult butterflies feed off of nectar so to keep them around your garden the following plants will help:

–         Asters

–         Azalea

–         Butterfly Weed

–         Goldenrod

–         Impatiens

–         Marigolds

Since butterflies are near sighted creatures, you will want to plant an abundant amount of these flowers so that they will be able to spot them and mark your garden as their new home.

Lastly, butterflies will need a place that they can rest, sleep, and hide from bad weather. For example, by supplying rocks around your garden you will provide butterflies with a home to go to at night and in bad weather. Rocks will also supply them with a resting spot during the day where they can sit and sunbath. Good luck!