You own health is just as important as your lawn’s, by doing some yard work you can actually be helping yourself! Working in your garden can improve both your physical and mental health. So next time you go to work outside, be sure to remember it can count as your exercising for the day. Here’s how:


  • No time for the gym? You can burn around 200 calories an hour simply by weeding or cultivating soil. More strenuous garden work (hauling rocks, for example) can burn up to 600 calories an hour!
  • Growing your own fruits and vegetables promotes healthier eating; after all, you’re likely to eat more of these nutritious foods if you’ve grown them yourself.
  • Studies have show that spending time in a natural setting reduces stress and can help to lower blood pressure.


The benefits are clear, so what are you waiting for? Do your body and mind a favor, and head out to the garden your lawn will be sure to thank you as well!