It’s the Fall Season ! It’s never too late to think about adding features to your landscape.  Consider perhaps adding a Fire Pit this fall.  And gosh, while you’re at it, don’t forget to Fertilize your lawn.  Fall is the PERFECT time to fertilize!

Fire Pits

Mild days and long cool nights make fall arguably the most pleasant time of the year. The addition of a fire pit can transform your backyard into an attractive gathering space where you can truly enjoy these amazing months. Since the dawn of man, people have enjoyed fire for both comfort and community. So don’t be surprised if your new fire pit ends up drawing a crowd!

As you consider the specifics of your fire pit area, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do you want to develop a permanent space, or do you prefer a temporary setup? Portable, and relatively inexpensive metal fire pits can be placed on an existing patio quite easily. All you need to do is add a few chairs and you are ready to entertain.

For a more established space, a large fire pit made of rock or bricks can be constructed in a current gathering space, or you can develop an entirely new space in an unused part of your yard. Wherevery you place it, safety should be the first concern. Make sure that there is ample room for people to sit and that the pit is a safe distance from your landscaping as well as your house itself.

Once you have a space picked out, you have free reign to develop the area to your liking. In addition to the type and size of fire pit, there are also many seating options ranging from wicker chairs to stone benches. Flower pots, small tables and other elements help develop the space even further. Fire pits are a great focal point and can turn underused outdoor space into a warm and inviting living area. Don’t let a chill in the air drive you inside. Enjoy these months with outdoor fires that your entire neighborhood will appreciate.

There’s still time to fertilize, but the window of opportunity will be closing soon!

Even when visible top growth slows (or stops) for the season, your turf, trees and shrubs are still in need of nutrients. They might seem inactive, but your plants are actually building up nutrient reserves, setting down new roots and strengthening their old ones.

Plants use nutrients over the fall and winter months for two things: to repair any damage they may have suffered during the growing season, and to prepare for new growth in the spring. An application of fertilizer will help this natural process along.

Some of the direct benefits you’ll see from a heavy fall feeding include:

  • Improved winter hardiness. Plants suffer less from drying winds and severe weather because of better water-holding ability.
  • Earlier and darker green-up of established lawns in the spring. Thin turf areas will become denser with improved color thanks to increased root expansion and larger nutrient reserves.