Each tree, shrub, vine, flower and grass blade needs water to survive. When rainfall is scarce, keeping everything well watered is a challenge. Dragging hoses around, trying to put the right amount of water in each place, and just simply finding the time to do it all can mean some plants don’t get what they need. They suffer, and your landscaping investment does, too. The answer that more and more homeowners have found is to use an automatic underground watering system.

Today’s automatic systems are affordable and efficient. Designed just for your property, the system uses a configuration of underground circuits and valves to take water where it’s needed. Installation takes only a few days and leaves no mess.

Better than ever are the sprinkler head choices. Drip heads service individual plants and areas without wasting water. Pop-up heads clear foliage to spray evenly. Heads can be configured to spray lawns of any shape efficiently.

Controllers turn the various circuits on and off, even when you’re not home. You’ll be able to hit the links or soccer practice with the kids instead of rushing home to water before things wilt.

Call us today to install your automatic sprinkler system. By installing an irrigation system this fall, you will be set to have your watering needs on auto-pilot next spring.