The beginning of the Christmas Cactus blooming.

It’s just about time for the holiday season to start. There are many special holiday plants such as poinsettias, holly trees and Christmas cactus. A Christmas cactus plant is especially beautiful but it can be tricky to get your cactus to bloom, let alone in time for the holidays. However there is hope, just a few simple things can be done to force bloom your Christmas cactus.

The first step to take is watering.   When trying to force bloom this plant, reduce the amount of water you give to it. The soil should still be moist but it should not be saturated.  Watering should only be done when the surface of the soil feels dry. Giving the plant less water will cause it to become dormant which is crucial towards the blooming of a Christmas cactus.

The amount of light is another key factor in force blooming this plant. Too much sun will make the plant droopy. It is best for the cactus to be in a cool dark room for at least 12 hours during each day. The darkness encourages the plant to bloom.  This treatment should continue for about 5-6 weeks.

Once the plant begins to show the signs of buds it can be moved to a sunnier

The end results of the bloom.

location, but not in direct sunlight. By force blooming a Christmas cactus, and giving it the proper conditions and nutrients, it may begin to bloom more frequently throughout the year.  Just a bit of extra care can result in a gorgeous plant for the holidays!