It’s the height of the summer season, and the planting beds on your property can use a little help to preserve their looks and health.

  • Shrubs and smaller trees should be pruned to remove dead or damaged limbs and promote a more attractive shape.
  • Weeds should be removed by hand pulling or treating with a post-emergent herbicide.
  • A layer of mulch should be added if it hasn’t been already. This will conserve moisture, reduce weeds, regulate soil temperatures and give your beds a more finished look.
  • When applying mulch to your beds remember to distribute it evenly throughout the area. During these hot months, summer mulch is recommended to preform the functions above. Examples of summer mulch include, wood chips and shredded bark.

Whether your beds contain ornamental grasses, flowers, shrubs or trees, they’ll all respond well to good maintenance practices this summer!