What is deep root fertilization? :It is a process where fertilizer is injected to the soil surrounding your trees and shrubs to provide them with a balanced blend of nutrients and minerals that they need.Why should I use deep root fertilization for my trees and shrubs? : Deep root fertilization supplies the necessary nutrients that the soil may be lacking to help plants reach their full growth potential and aesthetic appearance.

How does deep root fertilization work? :  Fertilization is injected into the area surrounding the roots of your plants. This will do the above (improve growth and appearance) while also helping to provide the needed oxygen, nutrients and improving the ability to recover from damage in the root system.

When do I know its time to deep root fertilize my trees and shrubs? :  It’s like a person taking vitamins…..only the vitamins we inject for specific to trees and shrubs.  Good preventative landscape management includes fertilizing of shrubs and trees, so your landscape should be injected 3 times per year.

Who can deep root fertilize my trees and shrubs? : Here at Emil Yedowitz Landscaping we have added this process to our services! If you are interested in getting your landscape material properly fertilized, then we can schedule that service for you!