Decorations can be rather expensive, especially when it comes to flowers and table arrangements.  Now you can make your own centerpiece with a few materials.


You will need:

  • A basket with a plastic container inside of it.
  • Oasis Flower Foam.
  • Fresh Evergreen branches.
  • Other plants such as, fresh holly, juniper, redwood, pine etc.


To begin, place your plastic container inside of the basket, (the size of your containers depend upon how large you want your arrangement to be).  Next, Soak your oasis foam in water until it is fully saturated with water.  Then place the oasis foam inside of the plastic container.


It is important that you wash all of the plant branches that you intend to include in your arrangement so that you don’t let any unwanted guest at your table!


In order to hide the basket and plastic container we will create a collar. To do this, stick the stem of the evergreen branches all around the rim of the basket. You are then free to explore your creative side and arrange the other branches as you desire.


This is an easy way to make a one of a kind, and inexpensive, centerpiece!