Spread Heads

ah…the question I get now on almost a daily basis.  “When are you going to start-up my sprinkler system?”  For all you gardening fanatics out there, it is NOW time to get them started.  We, at Emil Yedowitz Landscaping and Irrigation Solutions, stall our start-ups for as long as possible.  You see, it’s just not good to begin watering too early.  You’ll get soft tissue developing on plants that are then exposed to  cold evening temperatures.  This is a great environment for fungus and other diseases to start to develop.  I always advise my customers to wait until the last week of April and/or Early May.  Then…water away!  If you are thinking about installing a sprinkler system, give us a call.  Let Joe Yedowitz and his crew custom design a system suitable for your home environment!