When Mother Nature does not cooperate, it is up to humans to make sure your lawn gets a sustainable amount of water. With hectic schedules and obligations, this is easier said than done. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your lawn and landscape plants all the water they need without even lifting a finger? With an automatic irrigation system, you can.

Modern developments are such that irrigation systems take care of both the “thinking” and the “doing” aspects of lawn irrigation. Some of these smart features include:

• Built-in timers that limit watering to the cooler parts of the day, when less water will be lost due to evaporation.

• Independent station programming systems that can be set to provide certain plants with more or less water than others, depending on their specific needs.

• Responsive schedules based on weather conditions and the amount of moisture present in the soil.

You have enough things on your plate already without worrying about your lawn’s watering needs. Chances are that dragging sprinklers and hoses around the yard is the last thing you feel like doing first thing in the morning. Take the guesswork (and the physical work) out of irrigation with an installed system.

Fall is a great time to have an automatic irrigation system installed. Properly maintained, it will provide your lawn and landscape with the right amounts of water at the right times.