While you may not see them now, weeds will be trying to invade your lawn before you know it. Many varieties of weeds lie in wait, ready to emerge from the soil once the conditions are right. As the summer sets in, many of these weeds thrive in conditions that your intended turfgrass finds difficult.

To get a leg up on weeds, it pays to have a plan in place ahead of the growing season. A comprehensive weed control program always includes a preemergent application. Preemergent herbicides are used before weeds sprout. Applied once the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees, preemergents stop many weeds before you even see them.

Post-emergent treatments can be used once weeds have already arrived. There are many types of post-emergent herbicides. Certain varieties kill on contact, while others destroy weeds once they have been absorbed through the roots.

The optimal weed control strategy will vary, based on your specific lawn. To dial in the right program without going overboard, be sure to consult your local lawn care professional.