Annuals Brighten Up the New Year

There are parts of your landscape that you are glad to welcome back year after year. Watching trees gradually mature, or your favorite shrubs burst to life every year is a great part of spring. It is also refreshing, however, to mix things up a little every year. Planting annuals allows you to inject some variety into your landscape, giving each growing season its own unique flavor.

Planning your floral display with these single-season flowers is a good landscape investment because they’re so versatile, colorful, produce quick results, and are relatively inexpensive. Having shallow root systems makes annuals adaptable to planting in many locations – even in beds containing spring-flowering bulbs.

A big part of the pleasure of annuals is in their continuous bloom. Because these plants live only one season, they perpetuate their kind through heavy seed production. To produce lots of seeds they must produce many flowers. And if those flowers are cut before the seeds can form, the plant tries again and again, in an effort to make up the loss. The more you cut an annual, the more it blooms – truly a gift that keeps on giving!

By devoting sections of your yard to annuals, you can be creative with your yard’s color scheme from year-to-year. The possibilities are nearly endless and your landscape will be bright and colorful all season long.