Hardy mums are an annual that adds fall color

While many plants have stopped blooming by now and the leaves are changing colors or otherwise dying off, there are some that you can add now to keep your landscape beautiful. Many of the cool season loving plants can be planted in the fall, also. Try adding some of these annuals for fall color in your garden.

Hardy Mums

These plants can be either annual or perennials depending on your location and when you plant them. The proper term for these plants that can go either way is tender perennial. Since these are being planted in the fall, they will most likely just grow as an annual and die off when the cold weather comes.


I love seeing pansies used as a fall annual.  I sometimes still see them blooming amid snowdrifts and they may even last until spring and start blooming again. Over the years, nurseries and other plant specialists have been able to breed new varieties that are able to handle cold temperatures better. There are so many different colors available that you could add a whole rainbow of pansies each autumn.


These trumpet-shaped blossoms can also help add splashes of color to your garden. They can have either single or double petals and are suitable for use in pots, as a groundcover and around your planting beds, depending on the kind you choose. One type that is especially successful in the fall is the Wave petunia.


These are definitely one of my favorite annuals to plant. They can be up to 3′ tall (check the label to see how tall each kind will be) and the beautiful flowers add a pleasant fragrance to your landscape.

What are your favorite annuals for fall color?

Image by fishhawk under a Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License