As an avid gardener, winter seems to make the time pass slower. The world around me is often covered with a blanket of white snow or otherwise stark and bare. I long to see pops of color creeping up again. If you are also wishing that you could see plant growth sooner rather than later, place one of these plants for early spring color.

Redbuds are a source of early spring color

Redbuds blooming in a snowy landscape


These little bulbs are one of the best choices for blossoms that come early on in the year. The leaves will push their way up through snow and produce flowers that can be shades of purple, yellow, white and striped mixes.


If yellow is your favorite color, one option for blossoms in this color is produced by the forsythias. When these start blooming, you know that spring is right around the corner.

Glory of the Snow

For blue, pink or white flowers that are shaped like stars, look for the glory of the snow. These plants will start blooming for you in February.

Lenten Rose

If you want a groundcover for a shady spot, consider planting the Lenten rose. It will produce flowers that can be red, white, yellow, pink


A favorite shrub for many (myself included) is the lilac. Clusters of sweetly perfumed blossoms will help brighten up your garden. Purple is the most common color, though you may also come across some in white, yellow, pink or burgundy.


These annuals do great in cooler temperatures. In some cases, they are able to overwinter after placement for fall color and bloom again in the spring.


This little tree is so eager to flower that the blossoms will appear on the branches before the leaves do! In addition to the standard green heart-shaped leaves, look for ‘Forest Pansy’, which has purple foliage.


Another bulb for early spring color is the snowdrop, with blossoms possibly starting off the year right in January. There are double flowering varieties available.

Do you have any of these in your garden? Which is your favorite?

Image by FutureLight Studios under a Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License